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Spectacular Failures - Season Two Trailer Transcription

This is a transcript of the Spectacular Failures season 2 trailer.

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[SF Theme]

I’m Lauren Ober, and from American Public Media, this is Spectacular Failures, the show that stands six feet away from failure even though...

[Theme winds down and stops]

Psych. I pulled a prank on you. It’s actually the trailer for Season 2! 

[SF Theme kicks back in]

We’re back starting August 3!!! Hurray!

2020 hasn’t been the kindest year to business...or to any of us for that matter. A global pandemic, an economic meltdown, protests against police brutality that brought cities to the brink. Yeah with all that, you better believe biz took a mighty hit.

And you know who can give you the inside scoop on busted businesses and collapsed corporations? How’s about a show called Spectacular Failures? 

This season we’ve got some fail tales for the ages. 

We’ve got stories about Broadway flops: 

[CADY HUFFMAN]: I was the original Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Jansen Tallen Hallen Svaden Swanson.

And environmental disasters: 

[LUELLA KENNY - Archival Tape]: Do you know what it’s like to lose a child? Do you? Because I can tell you exactly what it’s like to lose a child. And when it’s due to chemicals it’s even worse.

And the long slow slide into obsolescence of a super sexy dietary staple: 

[KAYLA GAINES]: I’m just a dairy girl. I think I’m just a dairy girl, haha.

[Cow moo]

Check out the new season of Spectacular Failures August 3rd. Available in all the places.

[Theme resolves]