Spectacular Failures in the Press

In its debut season, Spectacular Failures hit #1 on the Apple Podcasts’ business chart and penetrated the top 50 podcasts overall. Fun!

The show garnered significant media coverage from national and international outlets like Esquire, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Axios, The Los Angeles Times and the Financial Times. Thanks, friends! We love your work.

The podcast trade press also covered the first season of Spectacular Failures, including Inside Podcasting, Podcast Business Journal, PodNews, PodPeople and Discover Pods. In addition, the show was also featured on the CBC’s Podcast Playlist and was a New York Times Podcast Club weekly selection. So that’s pretty fun! 

Spectacular Failures also nabbed some mentions from a few mmm... niche publications, like AgProfessional, Business New Hampshire, 9 to 5 Mac, Minnesota Daily and our personal favorite, New Zealand Stuff. Not only did New Zealand stamp out coronavirus, but they also have great taste! 

At the end of 2019, Spectacular Failures landed on numerous best of lists, including TIME, the Financial Times, Food52, Lifehacker and Polygon. TIME also listed Spectacular Failures as one of the top 50 podcasts to listen to right now. So you should probably listen to the show!

Here’s what people are saying!: 

“As the title suggests, [Spectacular Failures is] about the eye-watering cock-ups that have spelt doom for powerful corporations. And, thanks to [Lauren] Ober’s narration, which mixes historical context with witty commentary, it’s enormously entertaining.” - Fiona Sturges, Financial Times

“If you’re into business, schadenfreude and the strong sense that you could have done it better, you will dig this.” - Claire Peters, Los Angeles Times

“This podcast... treads the line between shocked and analytical as it considers Kodak’s doomed move into digital film and a defunct Christian amusement park among other turkeys. - Hannah J Davies, The Guardian

“With equal parts entrepreneurial cringe and insightful business savvy, Spectacular Failures is the type of podcast for the analytically-minded and the tragically-curious.” - Justin Kirkland, Esquire

“With authority and a jocular manner, the host, Lauren Ober, examines the market forces, social changes, and human folly behind the collapse of many a once impregnable company.” - Air Mail 

“Podcasts that promise to improve your business, help you “boss up” and otherwise conquer the world are a burgeoning, if occasionally suspect, subgenre. Spectacular Failures is here to remind listeners that success isn’t so easy.” - Eliana Dockterman, TIME

“[Lauren] Ober is a fantastic and funny host, and paired with cheesy ’80s-inspired bed music, she creates a great contrast with the macabre subject matter of the funeral industry.” - Wil Williams, The A.V. Club 

“The show turns stories about business disasters into an enjoyable listen. A warning: There are lots of puns.” - Maya Sugarman, The Washington Post

“Give it a listen, so Season 2 doesn't have to be about [Lauren’s] podcast.” - Ina Fried, Axios